Lumen Christi Laugh Co.


Improv Practice!
This Sunday, April 11th!  Can't wait to see your faces!  (Don't forget to spread the word).

Don't forget to park in the parking lot closest to the cafeteria/stage!  Meeting in room 152 

 Hello all!  This site is here to inform you of the Lumen Christi Laugh Co.  Be informed about upcoming shows, see if we have practice this week, check to see if the roads are bad in town (snow day).

In the event that we will not be having practice, you can access the home page of this site, and it will be written below.

-Practice is as scheduled



T-Shirt Orders

T-Shirts have been ordered for the year.  I have ordered 2 extra t-shirts in the case that someone forgets theirs or we have an extra person join the group later in the year.  I will have shirts available for you before our show (at practice).  If you still need a shirt, contact me and we will see what can be done about ordering another.

The Laugh Company - Adult Troupe

Check out what improv could turn into for you!  Visit the webpage for my adult improv troupe made up of myself, Vannessa Williams, Garrett McCord, Daniel Vainner, Adam Woolsey, and Luke Stanawa-Neblo

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